Galaxy Space Wars - Download Apk & Buy Source Code for reskin, iOS & Android

Android game source code
When aliens start targeting the planet, it’s time to transfer to action!

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This amazingly neat game, is said to be one of the best games of its type in app stores anywhere!

Android game source code
Fly the technologically upgraded room fighters on objectives through space along with take out the hideous invading enemies while they rain down flames from above. With wonderful graphics, easy to adjust controls and nuts intergalactic action, this game gives a world of challenging exciting and entertainment to your mobile device. Together with awesome bonuses as well as power-ups that will have the enemy spacecraft on the edge of doom, this exciting along with rewarding game provides you with the chance to be the good guy that the world continues to be waiting for. Download APK report & Buy directly in:

• Fun area warring game
• Cool graphics and awesome effects
• Power-ups and bonuses that assist you defeat invaders
• Easy to use controls that are responsive and figure out accurate
• Expertly created and brilliantly produced game app room war action
• Get achievements, unlock superb weaponry, and kill as many enemies that you can!
How long will you last as the hero within this epically cool game? Have fun playing the best and find out for yourself, just what kind of space hero you really are!
All the best Captain, the universe is counting on you to be the best!

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